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Electric Mop

electric mop WS-E11

Mop helper, electric mop

Electric mop with wheel rotation. Based on the motor rotation technology, drive mop to rotate at a high speed for cleaning.



Saving time & labor

Compared with traditional mop, the electric mop WS-E11 mainly rely on motor driver for cleaning. It is more labor-saving and higher efficiency.


More clean & hygienic

There is no need to wash and twist continuously like traditional mop, you just clean it after one operation. Matched with the microfiber mop, it mop more cleaner.

Front LED light

LED light applies to dark places where under the sofa and bed. It is used to check whether it is clean or dirty.


One-click operation, easy to clean

One-click operation, there is no need to wet the mop repeatedly. It can easily wipe off the dried dirt. After mopping, you can easily remove the mop as long as tear it, which is convenient for cleaning. The product can be dried independently, preventing from being in a wet state. Then breed bacteria, mold, smell, and attract mosquitoes.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Electric mop WS-E11
Model No. WS-E11
Rated Voltage /
Battery Capacity 2200mAh
Voltage Frequency 40W
Working Way Wheel Rotation
Working Time 60mins
Accessories /
Tank Capacity 400ml
Package 396*231*131mm
Certificate /
Product Weight 1.7kg


  • Living room

    Best cleaning tool for wooden floor and marble floor tile.
    Whether it is wooden floor or marble floor tile, the electric mop WS-E11 can easily handle.

  • Cordless operation

    Wireless operation eliminates the trouble of charging, without the limit of the wire.

  • Dinning room& Kitchen

    It easily fix soy sauce, stubborn stains from sticky soup on the floor.

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