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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuums WS-A590

Intelligent robot, home helper

The robotic vacuums WS-A590 are cleaning tools for new type of floor and carpet of modern family. The product adopts rechargeable batteries as power sources integrating cleaning and vacuuming. It is suitable for office building, conference rooms, homes, and other places.



Intelligent voice

Using a voice-controlled robot-independent semantic parsing system. The robotic vacuums are not restricted by the network environment. It also has dozens of voice commands more than a simple switch. More surprise features are waiting for you to discover.

WS-A590 Intelligent voice
WS-A590 Sweep and mop independently

Sweep and mop independently

there is no need to add water and dust frequently; it is more flexible to sweep the floor, mop the floor, climb the slope, and easily clean the carpet.

Designed with more detailed division of labor, it also has larger water tank and dust box. There is no need to add water and pour out dust frequently. In addition, it is more flexible to sweep and mop the floor, climb the slope, and clean the carpet.

Super battery life

It can complete 150 minutes of cleaning, 200 minutes of wet mopping in the fully charged state. The product is suitable for large apartments of 350 square meters without pressure.

WS-A590 Super battery life
WS-A590 Strong adsorption capacity

Super sensor

Equipped with 67 sensors, it keeps abreast of changes in the surrounding environment and the state of the machine itself.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Robotic Vacuums WS-A590
Model No. WS-A590
Voltage /
Battery capacity /
Voltage Frequency /
Motor power /
Vacuum 2.2kpa
Working time 200mins
Accessories /
Dust capacity /
Package /
Certificate /
Product Weight /


  • Intelligent working

    Intelligent working

    With artificial intelligence, it can automatically complete the floor cleaning. Various tasks can be done such as cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, etc.

  • Automatic sprinkler, practical and convenient

    Automatic sprinkler, practical and convenient

    As we all know the traditional way of mopping the floor. It will always make the floor wet since the mop is too wet, or it is too dry to mop cleanly. Different areas need to use different mops, otherwise, it will become more dirty. The robotic vacuums WS-A590 can resolve all this easily.

  • 3、Clean various blind corner

    Clean various blind corner

    Its body is a movable device using the automation technology, and a vacuum cleaner with a dust box. Setting a control path with the body, it can walk repeatedly in the room. Edge cleaning, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, linear cleaning and other paths cleaning can be done by the product. Except for these, it can achieve side brushes, central main brush rotation, rags, etc. The above operations can enhance the cleaning effect and then to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.

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