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Floor Washer

WS-F4 Wet Dry Vacuums

wet dry vacuums, no leakage and no dampness.

The Wet Dry Vacuums is a cleaning machine that is suitable for cleaning hard floors while absorbing sewage, and at the same time, it can take the sewage away from the scene. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.



Integrated sweeping, mopping and washing, separate WS-F4 Wet Dry Vacuums

Get all kinds of wet dry Vacuums at once, easy to deal with, care for the floor to be clean, dry garbage and wet garbage are stored separately, processing is more convenient and environmentally friendly.

WS-F4,Integrated sweeping, mopping and washing, separate dry and wet garbage
WS-F4,Real-time self-cleaning

Real-time self-cleaning

Live water real-time self-cleaning system, sweeping and mopping, self-cleaning while cleaning, the roller brush is dirty and reclaimed immediately, the clean water tank is cleaned in real time, and it will not become more dirty.

Large polymer flexible roller brush, leaving no traces on the large and small gaps

28cm super large flexible material roll brush, pull out stubborn stains through large and small gaps, and clean more thoroughly.

WS-F4,Large polymer flexible roller brush, leaving no traces on the large and small gaps
WS-F4,Wireless design, light and easy

Wireless design, light and easy

As low as 3.55 kg, take it and use it, wireless handheld design, bid farewell to heavy cleaning tools.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description WS-F4 Wet Dry Vacuums
Model no WS-F4
Voltage 16.8V
Battery capacity 2500mAh
Voltage Frequency /
Motor power 36W
Vacuum /
Working time 60min
Accessories /
Water tank capacity 0.70L
Recycle tank capacity 0.72L
Package 310*260*1090mm
Certificate /
Product Weight 3.55kg


  • WS-F4,Low noise

    Low noise

    The noise is less than 60 decibels, which does not affect the rest of the family.

  • WS-F4,The body can lie flat

    The body can lie flat

    The body is only 8cm flat, and the sofa and bed bottom are clean and stress-free.

  • WS-F4,Long battery life

    Long battery life

    60 minutes of long battery life, easy to get a large space of 300.

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