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Steam Mop

Steam mop WS-K5

No bending, effort, and repeatedly dirty hands. It can disinfect and sterilize the ground and also has super cleaning ability.

Compared with the traditional floor cleaning, the steam mop generates high temperature and pressure steam through the heating furnace in the machine. The high temperature of the steam can theoretically kill invisible harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. At the same time, the high-temperature steam also helps to clean stubborn stains on the ground.



Electric steam mop

High-temperature steam helps to clean deeply.


Multiple functions and usages

Combination as you like, it can deal with the cleaning of floors and glass furniture.

High-temperature for deep cleaning

The steam mop WS-K5 can remove oil stains and eliminate microorganisms with 120 degree steam.


Fine fiber

It is easy to clean with strong adsorption.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Steam mop
Model no WS-K5
Rated Voltage 100-120/220-240v
Line length 5m
Steam temperature 120℃
Steam output 32ml water/min
Rated power 1500w
Accessories Main suction head, steam shovel, steam nozzle, heavy oil cleaning brush, crevice brush
Water tank capacity 320ml
Package 680*250*160mm
Certificate CCC,KC,CE,CB
Product Weight 2.14kg


  • High temperature sterilize and remove mites with physics

    It decontaminate through high-temperature steam heating, so there is no need for cleaning agents.

  • Mop and dry, non-slip and no water marks

    Before, every time the ground was mopped, it had to be dried for a long time. It made the ground wet and easy to slip. The steam mop WS-K5 dries quickly after 1 second without leaving a watermark. There is no need to worry about wrestling. Even if there are elderly and children at home, you can use it with confidence.

  • Clean kitchen fumes and soften stubborn stains

    No matter how diligently mopping the floor, inevitably there is stubborn dirt. Oil fume in the kitchen and water stains in the bathroom are terrible to clean up. It can quickly soften the dirt, even if you can’t say “one mop”, but definitely much easier than hand rubbing!

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