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Air Purifier

Purifier WS-C08

No odor in the car, with fresh air in the whole process

Purifier WS-C03 can absorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants, including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc. Effectively improve home and car use product’s air cleanliness.




The PM2.5 sensor effectively monitor the air quality, which can be indicated by LED’s color. The blue light indicates optimum, the green light indicates good, the yellow light indicates average, and the red light indicates poor.


Strong motor

The brushless DC motor with 8000rmp generates a large amount of airflow, which can quickly purify the nearby air.

Purity at anytime & anywhere

WS-C08 Purifier designed with classic minimalist style, it has compact body and the same size as a water glass. The product can be placed anywhere in the home, in the water glass holder on the car, and naturally integrated into the home environment.


Efficient purification

Complete vehicle purification in 3 minutes, purify all second-hand smoke, formaldehyde and dust. The WS-C08 purifier adopt three-layer filter, which includes primary filter, HEPA13 grade, and activated carbon, reject secondary pollution.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Purifier WS-C08
Model No. WS-C08
Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Sensor PM2.5
Motor Power 6-8W
Vacuum /
Working Time 4Hours
Working Mode Middle gear/High gear/Strong/Sleep
Filter net Three layers of filtering(prefilter+HEPA13+activated carbon)
Package 75*209mm
Certificate /
Product Weight 340g


  • Application in the car

    Monitor the air quality in the car in real time, and sweep away the pollutants.

  • Purity at anytime & anywhere

    Integrated monitoring and air purification, allowing you to get rid of location constraints, and breathe fresh air anytime, anywhere.

  • Sleep at ease

    In sleep mode, the noise level is 35db, nearly means no noise, definitely your heart protector.

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