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Mite removal instrument

Mite removal instrument WS-700

Mites killer

Remove mites, sterilize, absorb hair, and remove dust can be done by one machine.



High frequency beat

Deeply separate the hiding mites.

WS-700 Mites removal with dual UV
WS-700 High frequency beat

Mites removal with dual UV

Designed with double tube UV ultraviolet, it can increase the power of removing mites. The product also can destroy the cells of mites.

UV identification protection

It can prevent direct ultraviolet rays from posing a threat to the human body. Lift the fuselage 5cm, or tilt the body 30°, the UV light will automatically turn off.

WS-700 Mites removal with dual UV
WS-700 High frequency beat

Strong energy for removing mites

Designed with a 400W high power noise reduction motor, and spiral adsorption mode, it can generate a spiral airflow. All garbage can be sucked into the vacuum cleaner with 55° hot air dehumidification.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Product Name Mite removal instrument
Product No. WS-700
Voltage 100-240V
Powered By 5m
Voltage Frequency 50/60Hz
Motor Power 400w
Vacuum 12kpa
Accessories /
Material /
Dust Capacity 0.25L
Packing /
N.W./ G.W 1.5kg/2.0kg
Advantage Ultraviolet mite removal with dual tube


  • WS-700 Strong suction

    Easily clean whole bed

    It can push back and forth with a 5m long power cord, which is without restraint.

  • WS-700 Easily clean whole bed

    Strong suction

    It not only removes mites but also cleans hair.

  • WS-700 Strong suction

    Washable dust cup and filter

    It can be used repeatedly and is easy to clean.

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