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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-K9

Open A New Experience Of Home Cleaning

Never wipe the floor with your hands and knees anymore! Let LIOIJ WS-K9 hard floor washer do the job for you. This cordless wonder and powerful spinning mop are tough on everyday pet messes and gentle on all sealed hard floors. Facts have proved that it is safe to deal with stubborn stains on sealed tiles, linoleum, vinyl and hardwood. keep them clean and fresh, and restore their natural luster.



Suction, Mopping And Dry

Suction, mopping and drying are carried out at the same time. Dry and wet garbage is sucked out again, and self-cleaning eliminates the trouble of disassembly and washing.

Floor Washer WS-K9,Three in one of suction, mopping and washing
Floor Washer WS-K9,Multi-function display

Multi-function Display Board

The body display board shows the temperature, humidity, battery and full water indication, so users can know the usage situation more clearly.

Adapt To Environment

Powerful cleaning of kitchen tiles, wooden floors, non-slip bathroom tiles, carpets, etc., one machine handles a variety of floors.

Floor Washer WS-K9,Adapt to the environment
Floor Washer WS-K9,Wireless handheld design

Wireless Handheld Design

Take it and use it anytime without wire constraints, more convenient.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Floor Washer WS-K9
Model No. WS-K9
Voltage 22.2V
Battery Capacity 4000mAh
Motor Power 180W
Working Time 25-60mins
Water Tank Capacity 0.55L
Recycle Tank Capacity 0.60L


  • Comprehensive Washing Tools

    You can wipe the floor and vacuum at the same time, and vacuum again.

  • All floors

    It can be dragged and sucked and can be used in the bathroom. It has a very powerful cleaning ability against stubborn stains.

  • Kitchen Floor Cleaning Helper

    If there is a lot of wet garbage in the house, such as food, oil, sewage, etc. on the floor, and it is difficult to clean, it is a great thing to have a washing machine.

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