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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-F3

Integrated suction, mopping and washing saves time, effort and worry

The floor scrubber is a cleaning machine that is suitable for cleaning hard floors while absorbing sewage, and at the same time, it can take the sewage away from the scene. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.



Wash the floor

WS-B20 wireless handheld floor washer eliminates the traditional cleaning method of sweeping first and then mopping. The sweeping and mopping of the ground can be completed synchronously, reducing repetitive labor and saving time.

Floor Washer-F3, Wash the floor
Floor Washer-F3 ,Self-cleaning


The dry and wet garbage is done at once, the capacity of the clean water tank is increased to 780ml, the self-cleaning ability is greatly improved, and the self-cleaning eliminates the trouble of disassembly and washing.

Adapt to the environment

Powerful cleaning of kitchen tiles, wooden floors, non-slip bathroom tiles, carpets, etc., one machine handles a variety of floors.

Floor Washer-F3 ,Adapt to the environment
Floor Washer-F3 ,Wireless handheld design

Wireless handheld design

Take it and use it anytime without wire constraints, more convenient.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description floor washer WS-F3
Model no WS-F3
Voltage /
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Voltage Frequency /
Motor power 150W BLDC 250W BLDC
Vacuum /
Working time carpet 25min;floor 40min carpet 17min;floor 40min
Accessories /
Water tank capacity 0.78L
Recycle tank capacity 0.70L
Package 372*280*1129mm
Certificate /
Product Weight /


  • Comprehensive washing tools

    You can wipe the floor and vacuum at the same time, and vacuum again.

  • It can be used on all floors of the home

    It can be dragged and sucked, and can be used in the bathroom. It has a very powerful cleaning ability against stubborn stains.

  • Effective antibacterial

    Antibacterial HEPA, wet HEPA for a week has no special smell.

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