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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-F2

High-Performance Cleaning

Introducing the Floor Washer WS-F1. This machine vacuums, mops and automatically cleans all at once. We merge tasks to save your time! With the help of a large-capacity lithium-ion battery and a cordless cleaning power supply of about 30 minutes, you can clean your home without being tied to an outlet or entangled in wires. May vary depending on model and usage!



Designed For Larger Households

No need to mop the floor after vacuuming. WS-F2 can deal with everything from spilled grains, milk and coffee to messy footprints left by family members and pets. Vacuum, mopping and dry at one time.

Floor Washer WS-F2,Wash And Mop At The Same Time
Floor Washer WS-F2,Self-Cleaning

Powerful Cordless Cleaning

With a 27V lithium-ion battery and a cordless cleaning power supply of approximately 30 minutes, you can clean your home without being tied to an outlet. The Automatic Self‐Cleaning flushes out dirt, hair, and debris from the brush roll after each use

Performance You Can Rely On

The unique brush roll scrubs and washes floors for a deeper clean, without releasing dirty water back onto your floor. Separate clean and dirty tanks ensure you always wash your floors with clean water. In order to obtain the best cleaning performance, the WS-F2 cleaner has an auto-cleaning system.

Floor Washer WS-F2,Can be used on a variety of grounds
Floor Washer WS-F2,Self-Cleaning

Take Work Out Of Cleaning

With WS-F2 hard floor cleaners, you can enjoy complete cleanliness and improved floor hygiene. Remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Our vacuum cleaners are perfect for removing everyday dirt and debris from your tiles.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description floor washer WS-F2
Model no WS-F2
Voltage 27V
Battery capacity 2600/3000/5000mAh
Motor power 150W
Vacuum 4.8-6.0kpa
Working time 17-30min
Water tank capacity 0.60L/0.84
Recycle tank capacity 0.55L
Package 240*270*1160mm
Product Weight 7.2-7.5kg


  • Dual Tank Technology

    Separates clean and dirty water so you can easily fill, empty, and rinse

  • Wash & Dry Mode

    Wash with brushes and solution then switch to dry only to remove any excess water

  • Effective Antibacterial

    Antibacterial HEPA, wet HEPA for a week has no special smell.

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