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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-F1

Redefine Automatic Cleaning.

The WS-F1 floor washer is the perfect all-in-one solution to clean your hard floors in a fast, easy and hygienic way. You will be able to vacuum and wash at once, which will let you finish your cleaning tasks faster and have more time for yourself and your family.



All-in-one: Sweeping, Mopping&Washing

The Floor Washer WS-F1 does it all on hard floors. Vacuums and washes in one step without spray bottles, mops, buckets or cloths. Compared to traditional hard floor cleaning methods, the WS-F1 eliminates steps to cut your cleaning time in half.

Floor Washer WS-F1,Wash And Mop At The Same Time
Floor Washer WS-F1,Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning Mode

The one-touch, self-clean function automatically cleans the brush roll in between messes. For optimum cleaning performance, the Floor Washer WS-F1 has a self-cleaning function, which helps maintain the machine’s excellent performance for longer.

Perfect for All Sealed Hard Floors

This floor washer helps effectively pick up pet hair, dust, and debris along the baseboards and the corners of your room. It is suitable for such as parquet, wood, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC.

Floor Washer WS-F1,Can Be Used On A Variety Of Grounds
Floor Washer WS-F1,Wireless Handheld Design

Wireless Handheld Design

Take it and use it anytime without wire constraints, more convenient. With a low profile foot, moving under and around furniture is effortless. The brushbars simply lift out with no tools required, allowing ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Floor Washer WS-F1
Model no WS-F1
Voltage 21.9V
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Motor power 150W
Vacuum 5kpa
Working time 17-30min
Water tank capacity 0.68L
Recycle tank capacity 0.45L
Package 200*260*1150mm
Product Weight 3.8kg


  • Lightweight

    The WS-F1 is lightweight and easy to use. Designed to make cleaning your home easier with effortless maneuverability.

  • Multi-Surface Hard Floor Cleaning

    Suitable for cleaning sealed wood floors, laminate, lino, vinyl, stone & tiles. A trigger on the handle allows you to dispense water & solution.

  • Twin Tank Technology

    Only ever clean with fresh water thanks to separate clean and dirty water tanks. No more spreading dirty water around your floors.

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