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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-C11

First Washing Machine for Youngers

WS-C11 wireless handheld floor washer adopts a polymer drum to rotate. The roller brush and floor scraper interact with each other to remove ground waste (including solid, liquid, and semi-liquid waste) into the main trash box. The base cleaning system can automatically feed water and mix the cleaning liquid to complete the cleaning of the drum and the host trash bin.



Simultaneous Sweeping & Mopping

The suction power is increased to 6000 revolutions, and larger particles of garbage can be easily swept away. The suction, mopping and washing can be performed at the same time, and the dry and wet garbage can be sucked up again, and the traction is relaxed, and the cleaning is easier.

WS-B20, Simultaneous Sweeping & Mopping
Long Battery Life, Low Power Consumption

Long Battery Life, Low Power Consumption

WS-C11 wireless handheld floor washer has superpower battery pack with precise circuit design. Charging time 2.5 hours, continuous work up to 60 minutes. Really long battery life, ultra-low power consumption.

Light Posture, Flexible Angle

The universal rotating design of the fuselage realizes the maximum use angle. The main body is 2.35KG, which is light in weight. Flexible and comfortable in operation. The sofa and bed bottom can be easily cleaned.

Light Posture, Flexible Angle
Wireless handheld floor washer WS-B20 wihtLarge Water Tank

Large Water Tank

The capacity of the clean water tank and the waste water tank are up to 3.3L each. Generally, the water tank of the floor scrubber on the market is 500-750ml, and this machine is 5 times larger than them. It can clean the mop and cleaning roller more effectively, eliminating the tedious work of manually cleaning tools after sweeping and mopping.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Floor Washer WS-C11
Model No. WS-C11
Rated Voltage 12.6V
Battery Capacity 2200mAh
Voltage Frequency 18W
Cleaning Method Compound cleaning (Synchronization of sweeping and mopping \ Dry and wet consideration \ Automatic cleaning)
Working Time 60mins
Water Tank Capacity 3.3L
Recycle Tank Capacity 3.3L
Package (Host size) 260X193X1150 mm

(Base size) 317X284X173 mm

Product Weight Whole machine 5.5kg

Host 2.35kg

Base 2.25kg


  • Family with ChildrenFamily with Children

    Easily fix rice, jam residues, and cookie crumbs on the floor.

  • Family with Pets

    Food residues, fecal stains, and dander powder from pets at home are not difficult to clean.

  • Restaurant & Kitchen

    Best cleaning tool for kitchen and bathroom residues, oil and water stains, and shoe prints

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