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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-211

All-round Smart Floor Washer

WS-211 is an intelligent floor washer. Innovative floor brush design can clean dead corners on the wall. The upgraded large-capacity water tank allows you to bid farewell to the trouble of frequent water changes. The mop is made of silver ion antibacterial material, which can effectively antibacterial, inhibit bacteria and prevent peculiar smell.



Wash All Corners & Stains

The creative welt floor brush design can handle the stains on the corners and corners. From now on, there is no dead end in housework. Let your hands free.

floor washer WS-211,Wash The Floor
floor washer WS-211,Self-Cleaning

Fully Enlarged Water Tank

The water/recycle tank is enlarged across the board. The water output efficiency is improved to avoid the frequent addition of clean water and sewage during use. Synchronously clean the dry and wet garbage.

Upgrading Materials

Silver ions are added to the raw materials of recycle tank, floor brush bases, roller brush covers and other parts to prevent dirt from producing peculiar smells. More antibacterial and safe.

floor washer WS-211,Adapt To The Environment
floor washer WS-211,Wireless Handheld Design

Suction, Drag and Wash Together

The WS-211 intelligent floor washer can automatically adjust the cleaning force according to the ground stains. Mopping the floor without bending over and doing housework easily.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description floor washer WS-211
Model no WS-211
Battery capacity 3000mAh/4000mAh
Motor power 200W
Vacuum >15kpa
Working time 16-25mins(3000mAh) 22-35mins(4000mAh)
Water tank capacity 0.45L
Recycle tank capacity 0.75L
Certificate GS/CE/EMC/CCC/FCC


  • floor washer WS-211,Comprehensive washing tools

    Comprehensive Washing Tool

    Easily vacuum gray layer, hair, snack debris. Simultaneously sweeping and mopping.

  • floor washer WS-211,It can be used on all floors of the home

    Wireless Handheld Design

    No restrictions, bid farewell to heavy cleaning tools. Easily clean every corner of the family

  • floor washer WS-211,Kitchen floor cleaning helper

    Kitchen Floor Cleaning Helper

    If there is a lot of wet garbage in the house, such as food, oil, sewage, etc. on the floor, which is difficult to clean, it is a great thing to have an intelligent floor washer.

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