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Floor Washer

Floor Washer WS-2101

Professional Washing, No Leakage & Wet

Floor washer WS-2101 is mainly suitable for hard floor cleaning. It can not only suck up the sewage, but also take the sewage away from the scene. Environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.



Simultaneously Sweeping & Mopping

Don’t need to vacuum first then mop. Floor Washer WS-2101 integrated soft hair brush and hard hair brush. Both brushing and washing are with the scientific distribution. Makes your ground cleaner.

Simultaneously Sweeping & Mopping
Double Water Tank

Double Water Tank

Double water tank makes the floor Washer WS-2101 achieve clean and dirt separation easily. Spray water with high pressure, always use clean water to wash ground.

 High Efficiency Cleaning with Strong Power Motor

8000pa strong suction power. Floor Washer WS-2101 is small in size, strong in power, and high in efficiency. Dust, food residue, water stains, dog hair and other dry and wet garbage can be wiped away. Free yourself from housework.

High Efficiency Cleaning with Strong Power Motor
Automatic Cleaning

Automatic Cleaning

No manual cleaning. WS-2101 can automatically clean itself with one button. In just 75 seconds, the roller brush will be as clean as new. Through air drying, the growth of bacteria and musty odor can avoid.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Floor Washer WS-2101
Model No. WS-2101
Voltage 28.8V
Battery Capacity 4000mAh
Voltage Frequency /
Motor Power 250W
Vacuum 8.0kpa
Working Time 30min
Water Tank Capacity 0.60L/
Recycle Tank Capacity 0.55L
Package 1190*280*245mm


  • Various Grounds Without Replacing Roll Brush

    Various Grounds Without Replacing Roll Brush

    Powder, hair, liquid, large particles of peanuts, food residues, etc., a variety of dry and wet garbage can be completely cleaned at one time. Suitable for tiles, marbles, carpets and wood floors.

  • Wireless Handheld Design

    Wireless Handheld Design

    Wireless design. Built-in high-performance battery, over 30 minutes of long-lasting battery life. Easy to clean the whole house.

  • Cleaning at Low-noise

    Cleaning at Low-noise

    The noise emission level is about 72 dbA. The sound at work is 25% lower than that of a traditional floor washer, giving the family a quiet environment.

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