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Car Vacuum Cleaner

car vacuum cleaner WS-678-C

Hand-held car’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner

As one of the necessary items for family car maintenance, the car vacuum cleaner is very effective for cleaning the car. All the dirt in the gap can be absorbed easily.


Don’t worry about battery life.

Powered by a power cord with a car cigarette lighter plug, there is no need to worry about battery life. It is designed with a metal cigarette lighter, built-in fuse, and upper buckle. So it has better connection with the cigarette lighter with no loose, greatly improving the safety of use.

Wet and dry use
Wet and dry use

Wet and dry use

The dust filter bag can be washed without consumables, which is more economical. Its body adopts ABS material with high impact strength and high temperature resistance. The product is inexpensive and fully certified, enhancing the driving experience easily.

Simple operation

It is flexible and convenient with hand-held operation. Designed with switch button,which can adjust speed, the product is simple and easy to operate. The whole machine adopts lightweight design, one-click dust removal. The car vacuum cleaner is easy to use, assembly and disassembly.

Wet and dry use
Wet and dry use

Various brush heads, professionally meet the needs of automobile use

Its round suction head is suitable for various soft decorations in the car; The narrow slit dust, particle hair, and etc., can be absorbed by the long flat suction; The special suction brush head can handle the liquid stains easily.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Product Name Car vacuum cleaner
Product No. WS-678-C
Voltage 12V
Powered By Powered by power line of the car cigarette lighter plug.
Voltage Frequency /
Motor Power 100w
Vacuum 5.0kpa
Accessories  nozzle
Material ABS
Dust Capacity 0.5L
Switch /
Packing 140*125*415 mm
N.W./ G.W 0.9kg/ 1.2kg


  • It can continuous work without charging

    Dust and hair in the car can be easily cleaned.

  • It can continuous work without charging.

  • It can continuous work without charging

    It is designed with high-power motor, large suction, and long life.

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