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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner WS-K7

2 In 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Make Cleaning Easier.

2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner, its handheld part and the whole machine part are suitable for cleaning furniture and floor respectively.



Flexible 2 In 1 Design

Simply and quickly switch to handheld mode with a simple push of a button. Two speed is suitable for different cleaning environments.


Long Battery Life

Equipped with a lithium ion battery of 2200mAh and two gears, its vacuum degree can reach 6kpa to 9kpa. The range of the battery life is from 20 minutes to 35 minutes with a 150W brushless motor.

Washable Filter Net

The filter material and roller brush are washable, which is reusable with less loss.


Perfect For Families With Pets

The WS-K7 can easily remove the hair of human and pet, as well as dust on the carpet. It is suitable for families with pets.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Model No. WS-K7
Voltage 22.2V
Battery Capacity 2200mAh
Voltage Frequency /
Motor Power 150W
Vacuum 6kpa/9kpa
Working Time 20-35mins
Accessories /
Dust Capacity 0.7L
Package 680*250*170mm
Product Weight 2.3kg


  • WS-K7 Designed with ergonomic

    Designed with ergonomics, it can easily handle the cleaning at heights.

  • WS-K7 One-click dust removal

    Convenient for disassembly and assembly, its buckle design can be switched freely.

  • WS-K7 Convenient for disassembly and assembly

    One-click dust removal, you don’t need to touch the dirt.

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