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Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Air Purifier WS-21283

Compact And Easy To Carry, Integrated Vacuum And Purify, Save Worry And Effort.

The WS-21283 can be used in the car or in house. You can put and use it anywhere. Acting as a handy vacuum cleaner, or an air purifier, it has small body and great use.



Compact And Convenient For Use

Compact and portable, it can be placed freely in the car. The center console storage box, water cup slot, door box and other places in the car are available for the handheld vacuum cleaner. The WS-21283 doesn’t take up space and is easy to reach.


Washable And Reusable

Filter components is washable and reusable without pressure. After washing and drying, it can be used repeatedly without replacement, reducing waste of consumables.

Strong Suction

The suction of the high-efficiency and high-power DC motor can reach 5000pa. A powerful cordless handheld vacuum cleaner can clean dust buried deep in the carpets or fabrics. It can achieve efficient cleaning.


Air Purification

Equipped with an ionizer, it can produce active oxygen and remove dust and sterilize. Moreover, the product can reduce the harm of second-hand smoke more effectively, clean the air, as well as eliminate smoke and dust.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Air Purifier
Model No. WS-V21283
Voltage 7.4V
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Voltage Frequency /
Motor Power /
Vacuum 4.0kpa
Working Time 20mins
Accessories USB Charger, 1 * Brush, 1 * Suction nozzle
Dust Capacity /
Package Φ60*235mm
Certificate /
Product Weight /


  • WS-21283 For Families With Pets

    Take It Anywhere

    Its compact size and great battery life make it easy to bring everywhere.

  • WS-21283 For Families With Pets

    Easy To Clean, Used For Purification

    With simple operation and high maneuverability, it can clean the home, office or car, etc. The cordless vacuum cleaner has its own ionizer and can effectively purify the nearby air.

  • WS-21283 For Families With Pets

    For Families With Pets

    Perfect for homes with pets, easily removes embedded pet hair from sofas, soft furnishings, car interiors, and more.

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