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Canister Vacuums

Canister Vacuums WS-100

Dust Has Nowhere To Hide, Living Is More Healthier.

Equipped with different parts, canister vacuums can complete various cleaning work. With a floor brush, it can clean the floor. Equipped with a flat fur brush to clean sofa surfaces, sheets, curtains, etc. Dust in small corners and dirt in some household appliances is not difficult to remove with a small suction nozzle.



Non-woven Fabrics Bag Design

Non-woven fabrics bag can be used for a long time, which is durable and high-quality. We can remove and empty the bag easily and put it in the washing machine.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

The washable vacuum cleaner bag can be easily dumped on the trash can. You can put it in the washing machine and wash it if needed. This can protect your wallet and environment.

8.5m Sweeping Diameter

The vacuum cleaner comes with a 5m power cord. With a 8.5m working radius, it is convenient for work anywhere.

WS-100 Low Energy Consumption, High Power

Low Energy Consumption, High Power

The overall design of the unit determines the optimum suction power instead of the energy consumption. So not only the motor, but also the fan, the hoses, the pipes, and especially the nozzles all play a role here. In addition to low energy consumption, the machine offers optimal suction power.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Canister Vacuums
Model No. WS-100
Voltage 100-240V
Cable Power Cord 5.0M 2*0.75mm2   5m 2*0.75 flat wire
5.2M 2*1.0mm2    5m 2*1.0 flat wire
Voltage Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Nominal Power 700-1800W
Vacuum 17-22kpa
Accessories Crack flat nozzle
Optional Spare Parts Paint spraying / Temperature control / Stainless steel telescopic tube / B01 floor brush / speed regulation
Dust Capacity ≥1.8L
Package /
Product Weight 3kg


  • v04

    With lightweight and small volume, it is easy to carry with a handle. The rope can be automatically retracted for easy storage.

  • v04

    The WS-100 has powerful function and amazing suction. Its speed control is optional and can be adjusted anywhere.

  • v04

    Equipped with a nozzle device, its vacuuming effect is better. The WS-100 also has different accessories, which is suitable for various situation.

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