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Established in 2003, today LIOIJ has been an established Chinese manufacturer of portable air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and the most fashionable small household appliances. We have fully geared ourselves toward the international marketplace.

One of the biggest strengths of LIOIJ is the team. LIOIJ gathers a group of inspired and top industrial designers, creative R&D engineers, highly skilled factory workers, and passionate sales and logistics teams. We continuously strive to exceed customer expectations in ensuring excellent sales & service support.

LIOIJ’s products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard EN as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

We are driven by the commitment to add value through innovation, quality, service and thereby building sustainable long-term business partnerships.


Cost Control & Supply Chain Integration

Our continuous investment in cutting-edge manufacturing technology means that all our products meet the highest quality standards. We are fully capable of the parametric design of our products internally.

Cutting-edge R&D

We realize that being at the forefront of technology is the key to our survival and hence we are committed to continuously investing in Research and Development. Our skilled R&D personnel and the most advanced R&D facilities help us to continuously innovate in our products and at the same time help us to continuously improve their performance.

Conceptual & Industrial Design

The conceptual and industrial design are carried out by the European team. A strong marketing team always pays attention to the latest information of the market and industry. Giving the best cleaning experience and ensuring Hygiene at our customer’s premises begins right at our factory. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility host an array of advanced production machinery.

Honors and Awards

Join the LIOIJ family and learn about all the latest social events.

Social Contact

Join the LIOIJ family and learn about all the latest social events.


New products development process for 2 months

  • 1. Market survey (communicate with customer)

  • 2. Conceptual design/Industrial design

  • 3. Structure and Engineer design

  • 4. Prototype

  • 5. Mold making

  • 6. Product test and Validation

  • 7. Trial-production

  • 8. Quality restriction

  • 9. Bulk production

Shenzhen R&D Center

Shenzhen R&D Center mainly responsible for:

  • New product development and exploration

  • Technology R&D and exploration

  • Product verification and testing

  • Cost reduction scheme

  • Technical Support

  • Innovation


  1. In 2003

    The company was established to supply wire meshes for CHAR-BROIL, and sold more than 30 million pieces so far.

  2. In 2013

    Invested by and Established as a software company mainly engaged in car OBD.

  3. In 2014

    Have failed in OBD career and lost 2 million USD dollars we turn to car air purifier and make effort to the best design and functionality.

  4. In 2015

    Winswift become No.1 seller in and In term of car air purifier 2 millions pcs/ year

  5. In 2016

    Launched the car vacuum cleaner and become the No. 1 seller in this specific category and out products very popular in Asia market.

  6. In 2017

    Award prize of design Second car air purifier launched Build long term relationship with rock and huawei and shell.

  7. In 2018

    Launch second vacuum cleaner and own a factory for R&D of car vacuum cleaner, become a Independent R&D manufacturer.

  8. In 2021

    Total sales of over 1 million

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