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Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum cleaner WS-21235

Portable new handheld car vacuum cleaner, it is suitable for dry and wet environment

As one of the necessary items for family car maintenance, the car vacuum cleaner is very effective for cleaning the car. All the dirt in the gap can be absorbed easily



Don’t worry about battery life

Powered by a 3.0m power cord with fused US car cigarette lighter plug, there is no need to worry about battery life. Small particles of debris and hair in the car can be cleaned up easily.

WS-21235 Don’t worry about battery life
WS-21235 Simple operation

Simple operation

The operation is simple. It can easily absorb the dust, residue, paper scraps, hair, potato chip residue, melon seed peel and other garbage in the car.

Convenient for washing

Designed with replaceable HYPA filter, it can clean the trash easily.

WS-21235 Convenient for cleaning
WS-21235 Modern design

Modern design

Designed with non-slip handle, it is comfortable to hold.

Technical Parameters Comparison

Product Name car vacuum cleaner
Product No. WS-21233
Voltage 12V
Powered By Powered by 3m heavy duty cord with car cigarette lighter plug
Voltage Frequency /
Motor Power 60w
Vacuum /
Accessories many nozzles and sucker included
Material ABS
Dust capacity /
Switch /
Packing 59*43*27cm
Certificate /
N.W./ G.W /


  • WS-21235 Dust and hair in the car can be easily cleaned (2)

    Dust and hair in the car can be easily cleaned.

  • WS-21235 It is convenient for cleaning

    It is convenient for cleaning.

  • WS-21235 It can continuous to work without charging

    It can continue to work without charging.

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